Why Your Reviews Strategy Is So Important During This Crisis

Your online reputation has always been important. This is no less true at this unprecedented time in history. 

We are continuing to learn more every day about what the coming weeks and months will look like in the midst of dealing with COVID-19, so it’s possible that we’ll make some assumptions here that will become dated. 

But let us share with you, at a high level, why preparing for, collecting and marketing new reviews now and when the worst of this crisis is over, will be so important for your business!

Consumers Will Be More Selective

Unfortunately, as we all know, this crisis has hit the majority of people, economically. Spending has been cut back on things that aren’t essential (yes, largely because of shut down orders, but as a general rule as well). 

When the worst of the crisis is over, people will be spending, but they will be more selective about who they choose to do business with. They won’t want to leave room for error, taking a chance on a company that won’t give them the most value for their money. Amazing customer experience was already a non-negotiable, and now it will set you apart even more.

Your reviews will be one of the main ways a prospect has confidence in choosing you, at a time when many companies will be doing everything they can to bring new business in the door. 

Stellar review quantity and quality will be so important for the majority of people coming out of this societal shutdown expecting a lot. 

Current Reviews Show Consumers You’re Up and Running Again

Up to date reviews coming in once businesses are allowed to start opening their doors again will help your prospects know that you are once again open for business. 

You may have seen, while you’ve been largely sheltering in place at home, that searching for a restaurant providing take-out options can be really hard to find! There have been a few instances where take-out is the only option for a meal and it usually means doing a Google search for options nearby, then searching for that restaurant’s social media account to see if they’ve posted their current status or offerings. 

Don’t leave potential customers wondering!

Be sure to update your Google My Business page regularly to reflect your Open/Closed status, and encourage new reviews from all customers doing business with you. It will solidify confidence that you are not only ‘open’ but operating at a capacity that will give them the full value they are expecting.

A full-featured reputation marketing solution will collect reviews automatically, and also post them to your social media accounts, so customers have multiple ways of finding out you’re ready to serve them!

Note: Google Reviews is not currently operational, but will be once the shut down period is over. In the meantime, you can still gather reviews on other review sites.

It’s a Low-Cost, High-Reward Marketing Strategy

Consumers aren’t the only ones who are becoming more selective. As a business owner or marketing manager, you may have been forced over the past few weeks to make tough decisions about your budget, and what tactics are truly worth the spend. 

If you’re expecting to reopen once this quarantine has ended (as you should be!), the idea of swinging your doors open on Day One should encourage you to put a focus on what will bring the biggest return on investment. We believe that for the cost and time investment, a good reviews and reputation marketing strategy fits the bill. 

Using your own personal time and some best practices, you could start building and marketing your reviews right away, but ultimately a reputation marketing platform will be the most cost-effective and time-efficient investment. 

The best solutions on the market will automate the process of collecting and following up on reviews, market these reviews on your website and social media accounts, allow you to respond to all your reviews in one place (….and some will even respond on your behalf!), and more. 

Don’t Wait, Now is the Time to Prepare!

Any time is a good time for reviews. With the effect this virus has had on business, however, now might just be the one of the most impactful moments in recent history to focus on your online reputation. 

With the slow down or closure of many businesses, please consider this crucial marketing strategy as a way to get up and running as quickly as possible again when it is safe to do so!