We get you more reviews automatically.

Connecting securely to your system makes the customer review request process reliable and effortless. We integrate with over 100 industry specific CRMs and marketing automation platforms to use an automated review collection process. We do all of the follow up for you, with a quick, friction-free way of generating more reviews!

After a purchase, appointment or concluded service we:

  • Send an email series requesting a review or...
  • Send SMS texts requesting a quick-capture star rating, followed by prompts for more feedback, or...
  • Provide a QR code to customers. When scanned, it leads them to your personalized review form.

Regardless of the method, we capture the all-important star rating up front, then prompt for additional feedback.

We help you manage your online reputation.

Stop scouring multiple review sites to monitor what customers are saying about you! Instead, aggregate all of your business ratings & reviews into an easy to read dashboard with a single sign-in.

Use your one convenient inbox to:

  • Broadcast positive reviews
  • Respond to negative reviews
  • Contest bogus or fake reviews

Protect your online reputation.

Negative reviews can happen to any business. We send negative reviews directly to you to personally follow up and sort out the situation. You can clear up a misunderstanding or offer solutions for customers with a less than perfect (or expected) experience.

Sometimes, with a rapid response, you can even turn a bad review around into a good experience, and a new loyal customer!

Market your positive reviews effortlessly.

We promote your positive reviews on your website, then broadcast them to your business's social media platforms and even make it easy for your customers to share in their social newsfeed. It’s the next best thing to a personal recommendation from a friend.

Boost your website's SEO.

Google loves high-quality, user-generated content, and this includes your customer reviews. Our service provides you with a dedicated microsite (within your website) that displays these user-generated snippets. When people leave a review, you earn high-quality content and boost your SEO.

Sit back and relax.

  • We take care of set-up.
  • We handle changes.
  • We configure your system.

All you're responsible for is clicking one button that allows you to respond to reviews, interact with and create loyal customers for life. Oh, and we can even do this for you, too!

The bottom line is this—with Spark Reputation you’ll save time, have peace of mind, and make a lot more money with new customer business.

Watch our On-Demand Webinar

This 10-minute webinar is a quick but thorough overview of the power of reviews and the many benefits of our Spark Reputation service. You can watch at your own convenience and will quickly learn how you can transform your business with Reputation Marketing!