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The Back Story

As consumers turn to reviews more than ever to make their buying decisions, businesses who aren’t actively managing (and marketing) their reviews will fall behind their competitors on the review boards, losing customers and revenue in the process.

As a full service digital marketing agency, we saw this happening in the marketplace and realized the critical importance of getting this right for our clients.

Our Solution

So, we created Spark Reputation!

Our unique blend of proprietary technology, backed by the assistance and support of our full-service digital marketing agency provides you with the most powerful, turn-key reputation management service available.

It’s a comprehensive platform, largely automating the entire review process, along with onboarding, support, training and much more from our experienced agency.

Our Promise

We deliver a highly professional, cost-effective service that automates almost the entire review process, from review generation to reputation marketing.

We do this for businesses who care about their customers and provide a quality product or service, to help compete in a crowded marketplace.


We're Ready to Serve You!

Spark Reputation is headed by mortgage industry veteran marketer, Martin Williams and digital marketing expert, Paul McQuade. Our team of highly creative marketing professionals is primarily located in Southern California with some team members dispersed across the country. We stand ready and committed to connecting more customers with your business through the powerful medium of customer reviews, no matter where you’re located.