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24/7 Monitoring

We constantly track and monitor up to 117 review sites in the U.S. and 650 worldwide. We comb these sites in search of reviews about your company. We then sweep the review in its entirety, send you an alert, and post it on your dashboard so you can see all your reviews in one place.

Instant Notifications

Get instantly notified by email or SMS text when a new review is published on your review microsite and when a review is published on any 3rd party review board we’ve submitted a citation for on your behalf.

Reviews Sweep

We comb the web’s 3rd party review sites and collect all published reviews about your company. We post these reviews, along with those generated through Spark Reputation, on your Dashboard.

Single Point Management

Within our system’s Administrator Interface, we manage all your customer feedback to protect and promote your reputation. Reviews are validated and disputed as needed, including those originating from 3rd party review boards. We create and maintain business rules that automatically promote positive feedback by sharing, boosting, feeding and featuring those reviews on various platforms, including your personalized reviews microsite, thereby promoting your company in numerous ways.

Reviews Microsite

You’ll get a white label, searchable, browser-based, standalone reviews microsite that should also be embedded in your website. It features a display for all your reviews, including those collected from 3rd party review boards, your business profile, review summary data, a sort and filter utility, plus a portal to capture new reviews. This microsite, over time, will rank favorably for your company. Popular searches such as, “Your Company reviews” will allow prospective customers to find your reviews microsite and read what others have to say. Eventually, recurring key words, metatags and popular phrases written by your reviewers will ultimately, and dramatically, improve your company’s search engine rankings, allowing prospects to find your website and reviews microsite more easily, especially when conducting the very popular “near me” search.

Automate Requests

Within our system, we set up custom business rules that govern your feedback requests via email and/or SMS text. We can account for simple feedback demands, or more complicated demands requiring conditional programming before triggering appropriate actions.

Multiple Feedback Options

We support multiple mediums that make it easy for your customers to leave feedback. Collect feedback via email drip campaigns, SMS Text quick capture, your website, mobile and tablet apps with short URL routing to feedback landing page, printed signage with QR code for instant redirect to feedback landing page, and via custom Facebook application. We support 15 additional languages.

Photos and Video

Enhance customer engagement by personalizing the review request message with staff photos or pre-recorded videos, ideal for personal messaging that comes directly from key management or executive staff.

2 Reviews For 1

That’s right! You can get two raving reviews from one respondent. Our engagement funnel first collects the all-important 4 and 5 star review with optional commenting, then encourages the respondent to also leave the same review on their favorite review board such as Google, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc. We make it easy by displaying the logo for up to 3 sites (your selection). Our friction-free process is as easy as a couple clicks, copy and paste. And just like that, you can collect two legitimate reviews from one satisfied customer.

Collect Images and Video

Encourage and enable your raving customers to easily upload photos and video to support their review for others to see on your microsite.

Reputation Protection

We use business rules to automatically handle less than perfect reviews. As soon as a low-star rating is captured, programmable response logic intervenes, invoking the “negative review journey” designed to coddle your unhappy customer. We program custom conciliatory messaging, and even allow you to present a custom video to your customer. The system notifies select staff, instantly, so a live intervention can ensue. We limit publishing of negative reviews only to your microsite, thereby protecting your reputation on 3rd party review sites, your social media accounts and your website testimonial newsfeed.

KPI Campaigns

Capture the all-important 5-star review, then ask your customer, optionally, for feedback on a number of performance concerns like helpfulness, timeliness, value for the money, sales representative, likely to refer, etc. Easily assess Key Performance Indicator (KPI) feedback with built-in analytics. Use the API to feed results into your workflow applications providing real-time metrics for company promotions and bonus programs.

Customer Surveys

Looking for more feedback? Design and launch multiple choice, open-end and closed-end response surveys to collect invaluable feedback about your product and services.

Unlimited Requests

Send as many customer feedback requests as you’d like, as often as you’d like, at no extra charge.

Review Response

Respond to review alerts quickly and easily from your desktop or mobile device.

Verified Customers

Each review undergoes an automated, and sometimes manual, audit process. Clear pass reviews are displayed as coming from a “Verified Customer” on your review board, thereby providing yet another credible distinguishing feature for your prospective customers.

Review Audit

All reviews undergo an automated, and sometimes manual, audit before publishing. Those invited directly by you will have the “verified customer” stamp, while reviews originated through other means, such as those collected from 3rd party sites, will not.

Fake Review Defender

Algorithms audit each review whether sourced by your company or public review boards, checking for fraud and bogus review characteristics. Such reviews may go unpublished or published with a flag for your review.

Review Dispute

From any device, you can contest and dispute a review, and not just reviews generated by company request, but reviews posted randomly on other sites. With your 24/7 monitoring and business citations in place, you’re well equipped to contest bogus reviews published on 3rd party review sites. Successfully disputed reviews will be removed from your microsite.

Social Media Newsfeed

Using the administrative interface, we manage and maintain rules to automatically feed components of reviews to your top social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), thereby keeping your followers engaged with fresh, customer-generated content.


Google loves high-quality, 3rd party, user-generated content, and reviews rank high on their list. Google also loves fresh, regularly-updated content, and the beauty is your customers are doing this for you daily. Lastly, inbound links from very reputable sites like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. are lending legitimacy to you with active links to your reviews microsite embedded in your website.

Testimonial Newsfeed

We use widgets (external, independent, web apps--think of a picture-in-a-picture) to promote your great reputation on your website. Through the administrator utility we can design custom widgets on your behalf, using business rules to display various reviews, content, star ratings, and more anywhere on your website; thereby, creating a dynamic testimonial newsfeed for your visitors.


At a glance, discover real-time stats to maximize your reputation, such as review request counts and response rates, star ratings, reputation ratings on independent review boards, alerts, KPIs, overall reputation score, boost and share counts, plus social media feed info. Use these metrics to improve the user experience (UX) in your business.


Automate review requests without ever leaving your operational workflow systems. Our robust API gives you the flexibility to exchange bi-directional information and automatically trigger events essential to managing your reputation. We are also integrated with Zapier, a hub for connecting web apps.

Agency Full Setup

Leave the system setup to us. We’ll submit your company’s 3rd party review site citations, design and write your custom copy for all customer engagement, automate the review request process, craft your negative review catch funnel with kid-glove messaging, program your website plug-in testimonial stream, create links to your social media accounts for automated review postings, and build the rules administering the handling and promotion of your harvested reviews.

Agency Managed

Leave the day-to-day to us. We’ll administer your drip email campaigns, your reviews microsite, manage review promotion and broadcast rules, including social media feeds and your testimonial newsfeed, administer select review boards your customers can also publish on, manage bogus review disputes, manage drip campaign rules, create surveys, build-out KPI campaigns, facilitate video recordings by key staff that will be used to engage your customers during the review journey, assist with API integrations, manage your links and citations with 3rd party review boards, and more.

Citation Submittals (Up to 100)

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number (NAP) for a local business. It’s critically important that your information is consistent across all platforms. We help you take control of your citations by claiming your listing on the most relevant business directories, websites, apps and social platforms. Then when people review your business, you can respond appropriately through our system. For a limited time, we're offering to submit citations not just on the most popular sites, but on up to 100 sites that follow your industry.

Custom Designed Signage

Our Agency will design, copywrite and create your custom signage and review request cards with QR code and short URLs. These are used to solicit quick reply feedback at the point-of-sale with your customers.

Email Blast Campaign

Boost your reputation by providing us a list of past customers we can drip email for a review request. This is a great way to launch your new reputation!

SMS Quick Reply

Increase feedback substantially by using our Quick Capture SMS Text option that allows your customers to reply with their star rating and comments directly in the text message. No cumbersome and intimidating links necessary.

Agency Review Response

Spark Reputation will respond to reviews on your behalf (up to 100 per month). Surveys show a genuine, and personalized, company response to every review, not just negative reviews, assists prospective customers in making a decision about your company’s products or services. Let our professional staff coin just the right response making sure you don’t miss any opportunities.

Referral Requests

Spark Reputation will automate and manage your customer referral request campaign. Don’t miss a single opportunity because we craft and automate just the right message for your 4 and 5-star review customers. We’ll gently solicit the referral via customized requests campaigns by drip email and/or SMS text. We can even build in customer referral gift ideas and incentives.

Reputation Consulting

Give your company a boost by tapping our wealth of knowledge intent on helping you grow your business through marketed reviews, proven and effective digital marketing best practices, and strategic leadership coaching. Our seasoned executive staff will work with you, one-on-one, to answer questions, help develop strategies and enhance your overall effectiveness.

Reputation Restoration

Hamstrung by negative press and stubborn defaming web-based content? Put our team of experts to work for you so our proven tactics can restore your online reputation, thereby creating a clean slate from which to launch your new and improved reputation.

Quality Control

Engage Spark Reputation to gather valuable customer experience (CX) insight for your operation. Through targeted, independent surveys, we solicit customer feedback via drip email survey requests, or via our staffed call center where we complete the survey on the phone and always ask for a referral at completion.

Custom Development

Want to create a seamless review capture and management interface within your operational workflow systems? How about a custom interface and user experience for your review microsite? No problem! With our Software Development Kit (SDK) you can do this, and we’ll assist in the design, mapping and creation of your envisioned improvements.